【English&Chinese】 "333 Healing 3000 Session"  

"Suddenly the right ankle got lighter,
"That? That that there!"
I was excited.

It was fun (* ^^ *)

I am in half a suspicion,
I’m sure almost getting better. "

(Said by a female received a remote healing program at home in her 30's suffering from about 10 years of rheumatism)

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By remote healing, 3,000 participants simultaneously
improve disease and pain

"333 Healing 3,000 Session"

Q. What is remote healing?

A. It is received from a distance!
Even at home, outdoors, living overseas is OK.

Q. What is healing in the first place?

A. Without touching, from a distance.
It's a way to send energy and improve disease and pain!

Q. What is "333 Healing 3,000 Session"?

A. An event that Mitsuhide Maesato heals and improves sickness and pain 3,000 participant at once!

☆ Only this one! Necessary items for participation ☆

□ Name
□ Country of residence
□ E-mail address

□ Date of birth (If there is a healing becomes finer)
□ Conditions of disease and pain

☆ Participation fee ☆

□ If you live in Japan : 10,000 yen
□ Live in abroad : Free

"I absolutely don't believe in healing!
But if my frozen shoulder healed ... "

The pharmaceutical company woman said so,
The frozen shoulder cured 3 hours after healing.

Now, she joins in our event every time.


Thanks for watching everyone!

I'm Kazuma Wada, a self-styled Mitsuhide Maesato specialist.
I have been watching for 10 years without offering.

Mr. Maesato is my boss.

He loves liberty and humor and is so interesting person.

When I met him, I was aware of his sense
that is far from general public.

the sense is...

"He can talk with dead."

It is a so-called psychic person,
Anyway the president is a person who cheers people.

"Try to confess, give it to others!"

We have been taught so.

Strictly deep, deeply affectionate ...
We employees all loves such a president.

Although he is our president, we call him

"Mitsusan !!!"

In Japanese, "Mitsu" means "3"
and "san" means "3".

Therefore, it can be said as "three 3"
When I write about him, I write like this!

= Mitsusan! ! !

Everyone, please call him so♪

Mitsusan has been in business for 15 years
he has run a training school in Okinawa.

When he was young he lost his mother,
he brought up by his dad and grandma.

But since became an adult,
with the thought of

"I want to see my mother who passed away"

It is said that he can talk with the dead
in study of withdrawal from the body.

And he went to a seminar on hemi-sync
at Monroe Institute in 2007.

Then he started his ability to talk
with people who passed away.

It is "Out of body experience"!

Then, indeed more than 300 times
he started to experience O.B.E.

He says there, from the invisible existence.
He learned the "structure of reality creation".

From then on, while we communicate that mechanism, we have solved various problems of various people.

Money, work and human relationship ...
he answers every question or question.

Remote viewing, O.B.E. and Channeling ...
Using the technique.

And moreover, there was surprising.

From those invisible to the eyes.
In 2016, he learned to "treatment of disease".

Then he will improve disease, pain and scarring.
It became a spiritual healer.

Why did he become a healer?

That is the reason.

In the summer of 2016, he hit his child.
An unexpected accident, a big burn.

Doctor told him that there was only transplant surgery.

Hold hands over several days.
It started from the cure.

Now there is no trace, no aftertaste,
the child is fine.

Actually his healing technology,
it was born out of a crisis of desperate situation!


"This is a gift awarded from universe!"

Yes, we are.
Well seriously, we think so.

Therefore, we want many people to experience.

"Disease and pain will definitely improve!"


Only one hour.

"He haven't touched it"
"He don't even talk"
"There is only a small amount of information"

3,000 participants who don't know almost anything.

With neither knives nor medicine, with invisible power,
after he healed from a remote place ...

□ "My eyeglasses didn't fit, my eyesight was rising"

□ "The pain and stiff shoulders of my neck have been gone"

□ "The symptoms of atopy has improved"

□ "For the first time since surgery, the tumor has become a value within normal"

□ "The mineralized shoulder joints started to rise"

□ "I no longer need to take a medicine for migraine"

□ "Blood pressure of next day dropped 10 in the morning and night"

□ "A lot of flights that had not been out for a week"

□ "My mother with dementia called my name"

□ "Pain in liver cancer has almost disappeared"

□ "Rheumatism's right ankle pain has gone almost"

□ "There is no pain in my menstruation, I have finished menstruation"

□ "Pain in spinal canal stenosis has disappeared"

□ "The tremor of essential tremor has stopped"

□ "Pain in the hip joint has completely disappeared"

□ "The sciatic nerve pain has gone away"

□ "Wheelchairs, but the numbness from the neck to the bottom has disappeared"


April 7, 2018 (Sat)
One hour from 10 o'clock to 11 o'clock Japan time!

Improve 3,000 particifants's disease and pain
"333 Healing 3,000 Session"

Those who suddenly stop pain.
I think that also comes,

Some who didn't feel anything inside.
There may be too.

However, if you participate.
We heal everything thoroughly.

Brain, spine, joint, nerve and internal organ.
From healing of the body like eyes, ears, shoulders, waist,

Chakra adjustment, emotion cleaning and I.Q. up.

This time, the following symptoms.
Mitsusan will heal in the center.

Compared with your own situation,
please confirm.

□ If you have migraine

□ Shoulder stiffness and awful one of low back pain

□ Abdominal pain and Gastrointestinal disorders

□ Chronic pain in the neck

□ Pain of menstrual pain or menstrual irregularity

□ One who can not talk about fatigue

□ Those who tend to accumulate fatigue due to diabetes

□ The person whose blood pressure is not stable with high blood pressure

□ People with joint pain in rheumatism

□ those with difficulty with depression and difficulty

□ One who wants to increase academic ability by raising I.Q.

□ If you are engaged in work requiring ideas

□ Those who simply want to improve the rotation of the head

"Is my decease really cured?"

Even if you read up to this point,
some people may be doubting surely, aren't they?

But, in front of me,
he is improving disease and pain

I have seen it with this eyes.

Of course, there is also compatibility.
Not everyone's disease will be cured soon.

If you have disease or pain
that be cured at hospital, you should try it.

Because many of our customer who come to us,
it is those who didn't get over at the hospital for over 10 years.

Sincerely, Mitsuhide Maesato Institute, Inc.
Kazuma Wada


■ "333 Healing 3,000 Session" Summary

□ Schedule: Saturday, April 7, 2018

□ Time: Japan time from 10 o'clock to 11 o'clock

□ Location: Anywhere you are OK.
If possible, please relax and receive.

□ Price: If you live in Japan : 10,000 yen
Live in abroad : Free


【How to apply】 (Please do one of the following)

① Apply from maesatomitsuhide@lion.ocn.ne.jp

② From toll-free 0120 (365) 531, apply.
(Limited to those living in Japan!)

● Please inform us of the following.

□ Name
□ Country of residence
□ E-mail address

□ Date of birth (If there is a healing becomes finer)
□ Conditions of disease and pain

We also accept requests for families, friends and pets.

※ Because it is not individual healing,
It may not be able to respond to all pain etc.

● In case of application by email,
Please change the title to "3,000 session".